Learner – Centric approach is a vital component of all programs and all our programs are created keeping students’ interests in mind.


Technocrats International School believes in exposing students to a variety of skills needed to keep them engaged in self-learning. In line with this we consistently engage students’ synergies guided by the CBSE learner profile elements. Broadly the subjects provide students with learning objectives to ensure a base of knowledge in each area of study. In this way Technocrats affirms the dynamic pattern of the three stages – inquiry, action, and reflection as essential relationships found in every unit of study. The rationale here is to inculcate the habits of going that extra mile in researching the topics, develop critical thinking and above all attain mastery on the subjects. Students at TIS are encouraged to imbibe an inquiry-based approach. Students are encouraged to reflect on their learning, formulate their own inquiries for further study and consider appropriate action based on what they have learnt. The focus is not simply on the textbook but on a more practical and proactive approach whereby the students’ skills, creativity and attitudes are constantly challenged and enhanced. The Project based approach recommended by the CISCE is followed.
The voyage of discovery, exploration, reflection and learning is continuous as the child moves from one grade to the next. The Junior, Middle and Senior school programmes at TIS carry a very distinct cadence and melody though they echo the underlying philosophies and practices of the school. At the end of the day, it is a single note that reverberates through all three school programmes.