Ethos- Vision and Mission:


A stress-free yet stimulating learning environment and acknowledging the uniqueness of every child TIS is perceived as a school which blends tradition and modernity. It combines Indian and other cultures in an interesting mix. Its well integrated student population comprises children from different communities and socio economic backgrounds. The school under the aegis of TIT Group already has an established reputation for academic excellence and for providing its students a wide range of co-curricular activities. Its curriculum is dynamic with sports and games, communicative skills, health and value education, environmental studies, community service, art, aesthetics and life skills woven seamlessly into the school programme. . The focus is on exploring and creativity rather than passive learning and aggressive competition. TIS boasts of a system that recognizes personal attributes such as integrity and diligence in addition to talent and achievement. We, at TIS respect the uniqueness of every individual and strive to provide a stress-free yet stimulating learning environment.


Shaping the destiny of whole humanity and universal solidarity for World Peace. To empower students to initiate or participate in activities local and global, which will promote peace and happiness –locally and globally.


The Mission of the school is to create an internationally equipped community of happy, passionate and aspirational learners, to ignite the desire to imagine, explore, learn and enhance the passion of learning and to empower students to initiate or participate in activities which will promote peace and happiness. TIS strives maintain its stamp of excellence while progressing continuously as an institution. To provide a stress-free yet stimulating environment which offers everyone in the school community opportunities to develop her full potential as a unique individual.

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The Holistic Appoarch


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We follow the Understanding by Design process to create curriculum which has implicit learning embedded within the core subjects. Our activities include social and cultural messages for the children which are not a part of the formal curriculum – interaction with peers, accepting diversity and so on. We also dissuade children from undesirable behaviours like bullying, conflicts, etc. through our implicit curriculum.

We include formative and summative assessments under Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation to individualise instruction and promote learning. The culminating activities showcase the ‘performances of understanding’. This approach emphasises performances and products that are part of regular curriculum and not always a separate assessment activity like traditional tests and quizzes.

Our aim is to create a purpose for learning and allow children to be thinkers, innovators and problem solvers; to orchestrate experiences that will result in a natural and integrated development of knowledge, skills and thinking.

We wish to develop a range of pathways to lifelong learning to build confident, creative, ethical and passionate children. Our belief is that all children should have the opportunity to experience the joy of discovery and develop a love of learning.