At Technocrats International School we acknowledge that schools are because students are there to study and learn to explore something new. With this deep-seated trust, we would like to start this journey, seeking parents as our Companion in the development of this educational institute . Its rightly said that a school is a temple of learning where each child offer himself/herself in the hands of God who is suppose to be a teacher Enormous buildings stood in a beautiful sunny park that reminded all of us somewhat of a well-planned school..

Technocrats International School, Bhopal, We believe in the hidden talent of children as they are unique by nature. Every child is a complete student and a spirit of innovation and creativity is already within them which should be nourished and nurtured by us. Through an ample range of experiences our students become confident, optimistic, compassionate and internationally minded youth. Under our guidance and teachings they get prepared to face further challenges of life. We at Technocrat International School would like to follow the methodology of our pedagogy little out of box to acquire results which can add more feathers to its Alma mater.

And thus evolved TIS with the belief ‘to teach is to touch a life forever ‘at its core. Keeping students’ needs as the prime focus, we at Technocrats designed a curriculum with a holistic and interdisciplinary approach. We believe that every child learns differently- some through kinaesthetic, some audio and video stimulation, while others learn through activity. The passionate faculty across TIS centres bring in their innovative and progressive learning concepts at every stage of student development. Fuelled by this passion, we at TIS were the first to move beyond the one-dimensional textbook learning approach. We have succeeded in bringing about the change with the right mix of chalk and challenges.

At TIS, we aim to 'Enkindle Human Prodigiousness' in all the students.

At Technocrats International School, we empower the brain of our students to determine, aggrandize and surcharge the hidden potential into a concrete theology. The curriculums designed by our experts make sure that children learn by their own practical experiences. As we all know that today’s education system helps an individual to reach higher and higher.

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to work towards holistic development of children.

Inclusive Education benefits all children. Most positive outcome being that it turns everyone around more empathetic. Empathy makes children more emotionally and socially competent, and helps them be more successful and better equipped future citizens. We take immense pride in the fact that we have now progressed from being a school with inclusion to being a model inclusive school in the country!

At Technocrats, we believe that education systems need to develop the 21st century skills required for children to successfully negotiate through life’s challenges. Hence, Student life at Technocrats goes beyond conventional academics and curriculum. We are convinced that extra-curricular programs are an important part of education and that there is as much learning outside of classrooms as there is within them.

We offer the students a spectacular range of activities, events, workshops, courses and conferences to choose from, each of which is handpicked and vetted by our team of experts. Over the course of their life at Technocrats, students discover and develop their genuine interests and talents by trying their hand at the wide range of activities on offer.