Learner – Centric approach is a vital component of all programs and all our programs are created keeping students’ interests in mind.


Technocrats believe in exposing students to a variety of skills needed to keep them engaged in self-learning. In line with this we consistently engage students’ synergies guided by the IB learner profile elements. Broadly the subjects provide students with learning objectives to ensure a base of knowledge in each area of study. In this way Technocrats affirms the dynamic pattern of the three stages – inquiry, action, and reflection as essential relationships found in every unit of study. The rationale here is to inculcate the habits of going that extra mile in researching the topics, develop critical thinking and above all attain mastery on the subjects. The MYP instructional model follows an inquiry-based approach. Students are encouraged to reflect on their learning, formulate their own inquiries for further study and consider appropriate action based on what they have learnt.


MYP has a “criterion-related” approach to assessment. Each subject in the MYP is assessed across four criteria. Assessment in the MYP aims to support and encourage student learning by providing feedback on the learning process and exhibit transfer of skills across disciplines including the personal project and interdisciplinary units.

It is an ongoing process that includes diversified practices like written assignments, oral presentations, fieldwork, practical work, role-play, debates, exhibitions, performance, tests and examinations, research papers, peer and self-assessment, etc.

The MYP Year 5 culminates with the E-assessment which is a combination of on-screen assessment and portfolios. This is conducted by the IB and leads to the MYP Certificate.

• On-screen examinations for courses in language and literature, individuals and societies, sciences, mathematics, and interdisciplinary learning.
• Personal project: a student-centered and age-appropriate extended project in which students consolidate their learning throughout the programme.
• One e-Portfolio from a course of study in language acquisition, a course in physical and health education, arts or design.

In order to obtain the IB MYP certificate, students must meet the school’s expectations for community service. The MYP certificate recognizes that the student has fulfilled all the requirements of the MYP.

Community Project

“Service as Action is an essential component of the Middle School, which aims at instilling the must-have 21st-century qualities such as inquirers, caring, self-dependence and self-motivation, where students are encouraged to take meaningful ‘actions’ to reiterate on their roles and responsibilities as global citizens. The program, through its tenets strongly based on the IB learner profiles and ATL skills, encourages the leaders of the next generation to be risk-takers, knowledgeable and empathetic and ethical future leaders”.
At Technocrats, students work independently and collaboratively with their communities and/or NGOs to make a difference in society. Through these works, they provide solid and meaningful evidence of achieving the 7 necessary learning outcomes, which are carefully carved on the fundamental principles of the IB and bring out the best in young minds.